Root Canal Treatment and More in Greenville, SC

The goal of restorative dentistry is to repair and replace missing or damaged teeth in an effort to restore your natural smile and prevent future oral health issues. Fillings, crowns, bridges and implants are common restorative treatments to help keep teeth properly aligned and prevent plaque build-up.

Restorative Dentistry Services


To restore teeth with decay or fractures

Inlays & Onlays

To restore teeth with larger cavities or factures with long lasting ceramic

Dental Implants

For the longest-lasting tooth replacement available today

Root Canal Treatment

To clean out an infected tooth pulp and prepare for a crown

Removable Dentures

To help you smile again


To remove unhealthy teeth that cannot be repaired

Periodontal Therapy

To restore health to the tissues (gums and bones) that support the teeth.

Crowns and Bridgework

To replace a large amount of missing tooth structure, and to ensure that your tooth doesn’t fracture down the road

Fixed or “hybrid” Dentures

The ultimate replacement option for missing teeth. Supported by dental implants and incredibly functional and realistic


Holliday Dental will carefully refer the following periodontal services to our preferred professional partners to ensure each patient receives the best possible care.


  • Grafting
  • Periodontal Plastic Surgery
  • Periodontal Laser Treatment
  • Crown Lengthening Surgery

Highly Trained Professionals

Generations of Leadership

Invisalign Success Stories

Dental Medical Missions

We take great pride in delivering high-quality dental care by using the most advanced technology available today. The CEREC system is used worldwide to create all-ceramic dental restorations, enabling doctors on the way to design and fabricate permanent ceramic crowns, veneers and other restorations in ONE OFFICE VISIT.

The CEREC process is simple.

After preparing your tooth, we complete a digital scan using a 3-D intraoral scanner, eliminating the messy, uncomfortable putty impressions. With the CEREC software, we expertly design your custom restoration on site. The restoration is then fabricated and bonded to the tooth, after which you will leave the office with a permanent restoration that is beautiful, durable and esthetic!
A machine used in the cavity filling process in Greenville, SC

Professionals at Work - by Cathie

Covid 19 precautions are the first priority at Holliday Dental. This professional group is efficient, thorough and informative about my dental health. My cleaning included an exam of gum tissue, tongue and mouth, and discussion of everyday at home dental hygiene. I highly recommend them.

Great Care! - by Mark

I appreciate the very thorough care by the dental hygienist, Erin, and the dentist Dr. J.L. They consistently provide excellent care and are as pleasant and as professional as can be.

Outstanding! - by Vicki

As always, the level of care I received from Dr. Holliday and his staff was excellent. They go out of their way to be sure you're comfortable and to discuss any concerns you have. I have been a patient for over 30 years and have always been pleased with the care they give me.

Extremely meticulous & honest - by Victoria

I have had an ongoing problem with two teeth & Dr. Holliday not onl is very thorough in treating my problems & finding a solution but he is the most honest dentist I have ever known. I always feel very safe & well taken care of while in his office. The staff is impeccable & I HIGHLY recommend him as you will always be in good hands!

Fantastic Staff and Amazing Dental Service - by Zachariah

CI had a standard cleaning and x-rays taken recently; the procedure was informative and beneficial. The staff there is INCREDIBLE! I have met both Dr. Hollidays and they are both very professional and polite. The hygienist and administrative team are some of the friendliest and professional folks you will ever meet.

Exceptional Care - by Suzanne T.

As a patient of Dr. Holliday’s for many years, I always feel at ease going to his office. His entire staff is friendly, welcoming, and very professional. I have never had a bad experience going to the dentist. During this time of Covid, Dr. Holliday and his staff are making every effort to ensure the safety of their patients.



With 20+ years as a licensed Invisalign partner, Holliday Dental is your one-stop provider for all general and cosmetic dentistry needs. We offer our patients an extremely competitive, all-inclusive price for Invisalign treatment – $3,795.

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